Mr A

I started to get professional help in 2003 with psychiatrists after the onset of my mental health problems occurring prior to completing university in Montréal, Canada. It has been a long turbulent journey on route to recovery. I have seen many highly functioning health professionals who have all been very helpful.
Dear Dr Mirza, from the get go of first coming to see you, I noticed you seemed to know exactly what was going on. I felt safe with a strong sense of trust and in the hands of someone highly enlightened and competent. You have been both kind and firm, guiding me towards recovery and rehabilitation.
Along the way I have had two significant downfalls involving very close family members, which were extremely difficult to handle and has had potential serious implications for my future. You defended me and gave me space and time to recover, reflect and own up to the misgivings of these downfalls. I highly doubt many professional practitioners would have provided the same treatment. I am very grateful to you.
Your background also has been of tremendous help. One being of origin from the subcontinent, two having experience in Canada and lastly your experience at the Maudsley Hospital was of great comfort.
I also wish to thank you for involving Dr. Pavlo Kanellakis who has assisted you in my care of whom I am also incredibly grateful.

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