At every turn in my life, I tried to engage in something extremely challenging, something which will entirely absorb me. If the task was even slightly easy, I couldn’t concentrate and would eventually drop out. Because of this charming “dropout conduct “ my life appears to be a collection of short stories unconnected with each other. Meeting Doctor Mirza was providential, […]


“I started my treatment with Dr. Mirza 3 years back, while I was studying in the UK. The treatment has helped me in all aspects of my life, moreover, his support and guidance have been the key factor in the treatment, over the time I and Dr. Mirza have developed a very good relationship. I’m very happy to have found […]

Mr A

I started to get professional help in 2003 with psychiatrists after the onset of my mental health problems occurring prior to completing university in Montréal, Canada. It has been a long turbulent journey on route to recovery. I have seen many highly functioning health professionals who have all been very helpful. Dear Dr Mirza, from the get go of first […]


At the age of 40 a silent but constant discomfort was looming in the background for few years. The death of my mother and the recent diagnosis of my father with stage 4 colorectal cancer, amplified toxic ways of interpreting my day-to-day routines, work and social life. Through a series of unsuccessful diagnosis and medication the problem was coming back […]

Ms R

I have known Dr. Mirza in his professional capacity as a psychiatrist since December 2017. Initially I was impressed by his qualifications and extensive experience. At the initial consultation, I found him to be a very warm engaging man, whilst at the same time, very professional.He understood my situation and from the outset was able to offer practical guidance, help and support. […]

Mr. K

The fact that I am 37 years old, two months ago, feeling my best years were a long way behind me and increasingly becoming sceptical about medical professionals’ ability to make a significant tangible impact on improving, let alone curing serious mental health ailments has left me pleasantly humble. I cannot possibly put into words just how grateful my loved […]

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