At the age of 40 a silent but constant discomfort was looming in the background for few years. The death of my mother and the recent diagnosis of my father with stage 4 colorectal cancer, amplified toxic ways of interpreting my day-to-day routines, work and social life.
Through a series of unsuccessful diagnosis and medication the problem was coming back in more resilient ways. My GP was insisting on “depressive” aspect of my situation and would prescribe a line of antidepressants (fluoxetine, amitriptyline and citalopram). Instead of progress I would experience a bodily and mental numbness.
At that point Dr. Mirza came into existence. From the first appointment he was a very accommodating professional allowing me to describe my discomfort and express my concerns. He listened. He asked me questions. He gave me space to be silent.
It was his way to make me feel safe and continue. I was shortly diagnosed with ADHD and following Dr. Mirza’s instructions everything seemed to come to a place. His way was human-centric. I learnt through his advice how to treat my body. The importance of simplicity in thinking and daily task. From eating to sleep. I’m on the 3rd month of guidance and all transformative benefits are slowly giving me a new hope. I can’t find ways of saying thank you to Dr. Mirza, His advice, sharpness and simplicity.

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